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November 13, 2023
2 ways to Check your WAEC Results Online and Offline
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Every year, thousands of students across West Africa sit for the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) exams. These exams are an important milestone in their educational journey. Once the exams are over, students eagerly await their results. In the past, checking WAEC results involved a lengthy and cumbersome process. However, with advancements in technology, it is now possible to check your WAEC result online, making the process quick and convenient.

Step-by-Step GuideS to Checking Your WAEC Results Online

Guide 1: Check your WAEC results through their official result checker website


  • An internet-enabled device
  • Waec examination number
  • Serial number and Pin

Follow these simple steps to check your WAEC result online:

  1. Visit the official WAEC result-checking portal. You can find the link on the WAEC website or search for it on a search engine. Click here to check your Waec result online.
  2. On the result-checking portal, enter your WAEC examination number. This is the unique number assigned to you when you registered for the exams. This is your 7-digit center number followed by your 3-digit candidate number eg. 4123456789). For the examination year < 1999, enter your 8-digit WAEC Examination Number.
    (This is your 5-Digit center number followed by your 3-digit candidate number eg. 19865001)
  3. Select the year you sat for the exams. WAEC conducts exams every year, so make sure you choose the correct year.
  4. Choose the type of examination you took. WAEC offers different types of exams, such as the May/June exams for school candidates and the GCE exams for private candidates.
  5. Enter the card serial number and the PIN. These are usually printed on the WAEC scratch card that you purchased.
  6. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to check your result.

Guide 2: Check your WAEC result through SMS

Checking your WAEC (West African Examinations Council) result via text message involves sending an SMS (Short Message Service) to the designated WAEC result-checking service.

Step 1: Prepare Your Mobile Phone

Ensure that you have sufficient credit on your mobile phone to send an SMS. The SMS charges for result checking are typically affordable.

Step 2: Compose a New Text Message

Open the messaging app on your mobile phone and create a new text message.

Step 3: Format the Message

In the message body, type the following:


Replace the placeholders with your actual information:

  • Exam Number: Your WAEC examination number.
  • PIN: Your WAEC result checker PIN.
  • Year: The examination year.

Here’s an example:


Step 4: Send the Message

Send the text message to the official WAEC result-checking number. The specific number may vary depending on your country.

For students in Nigeria
Send your message to the short-code 32327 (MTN, Celtel & Glo subscribers) (SMS Cost N30 Only)

Step 5: Wait for a Response

You should receive a response shortly with your WAEC result. The response typically includes your subject grades and overall performance.


  • Ensure that you enter the information correctly to avoid errors.
  • Ensure you adhere strictly to the format above. There should be no space in the message.
  • Check the official WAEC website or contact your local WAEC office to confirm the current procedure and result-checking number, as it may vary by region.

Keep in mind that the steps and processes may change, so it’s crucial to refer to the most recent guidelines provided by WAEC or relevant educational authorities in your country.

Benefits of Checking Your WAEC Result Online

Checking your WAEC result online offers several advantages:

  • Convenience: You can check your results from the comfort of your home or anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Speed: Online result checking is much faster than traditional methods. You can get your result within minutes.
  • Accuracy: Online result checking eliminates the possibility of human error that can occur when manually entering the result.
  • Accessibility: You can access your result anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet-enabled device.
  • Privacy: Online result checking ensures that only you have access to your results.

Tips for Successful Result Checking

Here are a few tips to ensure a successful result-checking process:

  • Double-check your examination number and other details before submitting them.
  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection to avoid any interruptions during the result-checking process.
  • Keep your scratch card details safe and secure. Do not share them with anyone.
  • If you encounter any issues while checking your result, contact the WAEC helpline for assistance.

Reasons why you should Check your WAEC Result

Checking your WAEC (West African Examinations Council) result is important for several reasons:

  1. Academic Progression:
    • Your WAEC result is a key determinant for academic progression. It is often required for admission into higher institutions such as universities, colleges, and vocational schools.
  2. Job Opportunities:
    • Many job opportunities and employment applications require the submission of your WAEC result. Employers often request educational qualifications as part of the hiring process.
  3. Further Education:
    • If you plan to pursue further education or professional certifications, your WAEC result may be required during the application process.
  4. Scholarship Applications:
    • Some scholarship programs require proof of academic excellence, and your WAEC result serves as one of the documents to demonstrate your educational qualifications.
  5. Personal Record:
    • Your WAEC result is a personal academic record that reflects your performance in the examination. It provides a summary of your achievements in the specified subjects.
  6. Career Planning:
    • Understanding your performance in the WAEC examination can help you make informed decisions about your career path. It may guide your choices when selecting a course of study or profession.
  7. Verification of Accuracy:
    • Checking your WAEC result allows you to verify the accuracy of the information. Mistakes or discrepancies can be addressed promptly if they are identified.
  8. Parental Guidance:
    • Parents and guardians often use the WAEC result to guide and support their children in making educational and career choices. It provides insight into academic strengths and areas that may need improvement.
  9. Documentation for Official Purposes:
    • Your WAEC result is an official document that can be used for various purposes, including visa applications, official certifications, and documentation required for certain transactions.
  10. Personal Satisfaction:
    • Checking your WAEC result can bring a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. It allows you to celebrate your achievements and set new goals for the future.

In summary, checking your WAEC result is a crucial step in your educational journey and can impact your opportunities for higher education and employment. It serves as an official record of your academic performance and can be used for various purposes throughout your life.

In Conclusion

Checking your WAEC result online is a convenient and efficient way to access your exam results. By following the step-by-step guides and keeping the tips and reasons why you should check your waec result in mind, you can easily check your results and celebrate your academic achievements.